Add new Tasmota device to Home Assistant with MQTT"


To add a new Tasmota device to the Home Assistant (HA), I assume that:

  • HA is installed
  • An MQTT Broker is running and an user in HA is already registered/in use
  • Already one other Tasmota device is connected to the HA (so you know it’s working)
  • The new Tasmota device is already connected to the local HA WiFi
  • Already has upgraded to the newest firmware


Give device a better name

Click Configuration -> Configure Other -> and enter at Device Name a name which makes sense

Add device to MQTT

Click Configuration -> Configure MQTT -> and enter:

  • Host of the MQTT-Broker
  • Port
  • User (DVES_USER) (this is the mqtt user you have in your HA)
  • Password (this is the mqtt user you have in your HA)

-> Click Save

Make the device auto-discoverable

Click Console
Type: Setoption19 0 and press Enter

Set updating of the device to 20 instead of 2 min.

Click Console
Type: TelePeriod 20 and press Enter

I learned all this from this YouTube Video. so all credits go there!