Building a raspberry pi streaming cam

the setup

This is how my setup looks like:
complete technical setup

as webcam I use a Waveshare 10300 RPi Camera (E)
(bought it here, unpaid advertisment)

Install raspberry pi image

Download the images from the raspberry pi website
copy it to your sd card.
on the webpage they recomment to install the rpi-manager via sudo apt install rpi-imager, but for me it wasn’t working because of dependency problems.
So I installed it the classic way:

unzip -p | sudo dd of=/dev/YOURDEVICE bs=4M conv=fsync

check with lsblk -p which is your SD card, so you are not deleting your harddrive.
Maybe plug it in and out to be sure.
For more information about this, go to the offical (Linux) installation page.

Activate your (already pluged in) Camera

Go to settings -> interfaces -> cam -> and switch it on Make now a restart, and it should be activated

Install and set-up MOTION

I used for streaming the service called motion.
Install it via

sudo apt-get install motion -y

As I never used motion before, I followed this real great raspberry pi cam tutorial (German). The only thing I changed was the framerate to 100 instead of 10.

edit the motion.conf file:

sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf

turn the daemon on:
daemon on allow others to watch the stream in the network:
stream_localhost off set the target for your stream, I used the same as the blog above recommend me:
target_dir /home/pi/Monitor

I set the width 1280 and height 720 and framerate 100

I uploaded my complete motion.conf to my Github repo

Then, set the demon to yes:

sudo nano /etc/default/motion

set: start_motion_daemon=yes

now set the rights of the folder correct:

mkdir /home/pi/Monitor
sudo chgrp motion /home/pi/Monitor
chmod g+rwx /home/pi/Monitor

you can start it now with sudo motion

Use your local IP to stream to your browser:

find out over ifconfig what your local IP is.
I can reach in my wifi then the stream under:
Remember: the port 8081 was defined in the point above

screenshot of the raspberrypi streaming to the my browser

start motion everytime you start your raspberry pi

to have it always running I used a cronjob:

$ crontab -e

and in the cronjob I save:

@reboot sudo motion

that made it working for me!